Water, taxes key issues for Nebraska FB

Water and taxes will be among the key issues discussed at next week’s Nebraska Farm Bureau annual meeting in Kearney.

The Nebraska legislature will likely have several tax reform proposals before it in January, including measures that examine both income and inheritance taxes.  Farm Bureau president Steve Nelson says property tax relief and reform need to be part of the mix.

“Our members have some pretty strong positions on property tax and continue to look at the burden of property taxes that is there—that’s always a top priority,” Nelson says.

“We have long believed that property tax relief and reform should be part of any major changes in our state’s tax structure and our delegates will further discuss what they would like to see done in that area.”

Management of Nebraska’s water resources will also be discussed. Nelson says the ongoing drought has created some new challenges in that area.

“There are certain parts of the state where there are concerns with declining groundwater tables,” he says. “Our delegates will consider a number of resolutions that examine the way in which we manage both ground and surface water and the integrated management of both.”

Farm Bureau’s annual meeting is December 3rd and 4th in Kearney.

AUDIO: Steve Nelson (5:50 MP3)

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