AAA wants to halt sales of E15

The American Automobile Association (AAA) has asked the Obama Administration to block the sale of E15 gasoline in the U.S. saying it could damage millions of vehicles not designed to use it. Last June the EPA cleared the use of E15 on vehicles built after 2001, the AAA says the possibility of consumers mistakenly putting the fuel in older cars is too great and sale of the fuel should be suspended until gas pumps can be labeled and a public education campaign is launched.

The organization also calls for further testing on E15’s effect on engines. “AAA automotive engineering experts believe that sustained use of E15 in both newer and older vehicles could result in significant problems such as accelerated engine wear and failure, fuel-system damage and false “check engine” lights for any vehicle not approved by its manufacturer to use E15.”

Bob Dineen with the Renewable Fuels Association says AAA’s anti-ethanol stance is “well-known and tired.” He says the organization’s call for further testing of E15 “reflects a pathetic ignorance of EPA’s unprecedented test program before approving E15 for commercial use.” As for consumer education, Dineen says “the RFA is working with the petroleum industry, gas retailers, automakers and consumers to ensure E15 is used properly.”

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