Researcher stands by his biotech study

The author of that controversial French research paper on genetically modified corn is standing by his report. Dr. Gilles-Eric Seralini and his colleagues conducted a study on the effects of feeding Roundup Ready corn and Roundup to rats. They reported the rats developed tumors from the genetically modified corn.

The study quickly drew suspicion and criticism from the scientific community which questioned the methods and motivation of Seralini. The scientists concluded the study lacked scientific rigor and made a series of basic errors and stated it never should have been published.

Now Seralini is striking back charging many of his critics lack credibility because of their links to the biotech industry. He says his study represents the most detailed test of genetically modified crops that is independent of the biotech and pesticide companies which develop them. He tells the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology his group was free of influence because they have no intention of commercializing any product. He adds his research was a “first step”, not a final conclusion of the potential impact of GM crops and further experiments need to be done.

Read Seralini’s rebuttal here:

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