FAPRI weighs in on farm bill timing

While some have predicted the passage of a five-year farm bill this year is more likely if the balance of power in Washington were to shift as a result of the election, others see it the other way around.

Pat Westhoff is director of the Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute at the University of Missouri (FAPRI-MU).  Westhoff tells Brownfield Ag New, “If there’s no change in the balance of power in Washington, there’s less of a reason to put off major choices that have to be made, not just about the Farm Bill but about many other things.”  Westhoff says farm bill passage during the lame duck session of Congress appears more likely under an Obama win.

Westhoff says if the election changes the political balance of power a great deal, if Romney wins amid more congressional seats shifting to the GOP, then, passage of a five-year farm bill could likely be delayed until 2013.

Westhoff says, “It might be that the people that expect to have more forces in line come the first of the year may want to put off some choices until they have those forces at their disposal.”

FAPRI provides objective analysis of farm policy issues and commodity markets for congress, public agencies and farmers.

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