Emergency grazing extended in Indiana

Emergency grazing provisions have been extended for certain practices under the Conservation Reserve Program.  Indiana Farm Service Agency State executive director Julia Wickard announced Wednesday that the extension is for all Indiana counties until November 30, 2012.

Those practices include:

Practice Description
CP1 Permanent Introduced Grasses and Legumes
CP2 Permanent Native Grasses
CP4B Permanent Wildlife Habitat Corridors
CP4D Permanent Wildlife Habitat
CP10 Vegetative Cover (Grass Already Established)
CP18C Permanent Salt Tolerant Vegetative Cover
CP38 SAFE CP25 Rare and Declining Habitat

All haying under the emergency provisions were completed by August 31st and grazing must end November 30, 2012.  Authorized producers can use the CRP acreage for their own livestock – or may grant another livestock producer use of the ground.  Executive director Julia Wickard says, “Indiana farmers have experienced a touch-and-go growing season – and pastures were depleted due to the extreme heat and dry weather.  This extension gives ruminant animals additional time to graze.”

She reminds producers that they should contact their local FSA office with any questions.

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