Buckeye Blooms providing eco-friendly flowers

Buckeye Blooms is a small family farm in Allen County Ohio that specializes in high quality, eco-friendly grown cut flowers.

And even though they grow flowers, rather than corn and soybeans, their challenges are no different than any other farmer.

“It’s too much rain, not enough rain, too hot, early frost, late frost, it’s a typical farmers dilemma,” says Kay Studer, the mom half of the mother-daughter team at Buckeye Blooms. “We are totally reliant upon Mother Nature and there’s little we can do about it.”

Susan Studer-King, the daughter half of the mother-daughter team, tells Brownfield that the addition of a hoop structure being constructed on the farm will help extend their season.

“This is a way for us to be able to have flowers earlier in the spring before we can get in to the field, particularly for Mother’s Day and the Prom markets we hope to be able to supply flowers for,” Susan said. “Also, for this fall, right now when it’s a shorter season and the frost can come anytime, we’ll at least have some of our crop protected from the frost.”

Growing flowers organically means weeding is constant.

“Because we’re doing things naturally and organically, weed suppression and weed control is a constant challenge for us,” said Susan.

But at the same time, Susan says they’re seeing more birds, butterflies and bees around the farm.

Audio: Kay Studer, Susan Studer-King, Buckeye Blooms (11:05 mp3)

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