The US Army and FFA promote similar values

Last week the US Army took part in the trade show at the 85th National FFA Convention and Expo.  As Captain Todd French talked to attendees – he says there are a lot of similarities between the National FFA Organization and the US Army.  “The FFA teaches a lot about leadership, dedication, and teamwork,” he says.  “As you can imagine that is Army all the way.”

French is a veterinarian in the Army.  He tells Brownfield his job provides opportunities to give back to communities that are in need.  “There are a lot of missions we will do – humanitarian, not just being deployed overseas, but in places like Uganda and South America,” he says.  “We’ll go there, step in to the communities, and help people who need help with infrastructure of veterinary medicine.”

According to a recent White House report – 44% of our US military comes from rural America.

AUDIO: Captain Todd French, US Army (3:35mp3)

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