September red meat production down 6% on year

USDA reports commercial red meat production during September was down 6% on the year at 3.948 billion pounds.

Beef production came out at 2.016 billion pounds, 9% less than last year with the slaughter dropping 12% to 2.543 million head and average live weight up 33 pounds at 1,311 pounds.

Veal production was pegged at 8.8 million pounds, a 17% year to year decline with the kill down 13% at 64,300 head and average live weight 17 pounds lighter at 235 pounds.

Pork production was reported at 1.911 billion pounds, 2% under a year ago with the slaughter also 2% lower at 9.454 million head and the average live weight up a pound to 271 pounds.

Lamb and mutton production came out at 12.5 million pounds, a 6% increase, with a 2% decline in slaughter to 174,300 head canceled out by an 11 pound rise in the average live weight to 145 pounds.

September 2012 had two fewer workdays and one more Saturday than September 2011.

From January to September 2012, commercial red meat production was 36.554 billion pounds, a slight year to year increase.

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