New coalition says to HSUS, “enough is enough”

Protect the Harvest  is a new coalition of farmers, ranchers and hunters that is, according to its web site, “dedicated to educating American’s about the growing threat posed by the radical animal rights fringe.”

Forrest Lucas, founder and owner of Lucas Oil—who also owns a cattle ranch in Missouri—is reportedly one of the driving forces behind formation of the group.

Erik Helland of Johnston, Iowa serves on the board of Protect the Harvest.  Helland is an Iowa state legislator and is the majority whip in the Iowa House of Representatives. 

Referring to HSUS’ efforts to establish federal “cage size” standards on the egg industry, Helland says, “Enough is enough—it’s clear that HSUS cares less about protecting chickens from inhumane treatment and more about making it impossible to produce eggs or raise poultry in America.”

In an interview with Brownfield, Helland says Protect the Harvest is going to be more aggressive than some other groups have been, in taking on HSUS and other animal rights groups.

AUDIO: Erik Helland (13:17 MP3)


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  • It’s way past time that organizations like “Protect the Harvest” and “United Horsemen” became pro-active towards the “animal rights” industries that are so anti-societal. Hopefully, more and more people are waking up to the genuine *threat* that the AR industries pose to our society. can’t do it all. NAIA can’t do it all either. If the pet animal people would all hang together, that would be another ally. H$U$, et al, have spun their “propaganda mill” BIG LIES for far too long and amassed a fortune from gullible donors (to fund an army of AR-employed attorneys). Seems too many people are willing to be flimflammed by the AR con artists like Pacelle (who stated in a Satya interview in 2005 that he wanted to make the H$U$ the NRA of animal rights). Others are afraid they’ll paint a target (for the AR fanatics) on themselves if they speak up or join an anti-AR group. We outnumber the AR “true believers”, but we must also be as passionate in our right to keep our relationships with animals, whether as companions, food, or clothing–or just conservation of wildlife. We must also support each other and not let a favorite AR strategy of “divide and conquer” succeed!
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  • Great post, Marcy. As a hobby dog breeder, H$U$ has been a threat for many years. Their sojourns into agriculture should be a wake-up call for all who enjoy animal companionship, make their livelihood from animals, and see their overall value to society.

  • You got to know they have infiltrated our government with the new law that bans children 18 and under from working with animals on the farm. Cass Sunstein is Obama’s regulatory czar and he is an animal rights pusher who wants to nudge all Americans away from eating animal products or using medicines made from animals. If the hunters, farmers and dog breeders ban together these groups could be stopped with their lies. Note that PeTA has several bad articles about them in the Huffington Post.

  • HSUS, PETA, Negoation is Over and ALF anti vivisectionst has led the world to believe that killing an animal for food, or biomedical research is wrong, according to their philosophical beliefs and where selling an animal ought not to occur. It seems that all of the mentioned could come under the heading of economic terriorist as they have taken billions out of our economy not to mention the jobs lost. No more pet shops by use of force, farms raided for animals, seems horses and bunny’s are favorite this year along with dogs from licensed breeders. All meat and egg industry attacked, photographed and videoed for what reason? They just do not believe that people should “use” animals for anything, even for food or life saving research, The animal rights would like one to believe that the most animals used are monkeys but in fact over 96 percent are RATS. It may be that in trying to end food industries that vivisect animals that they went a step too far. Billions out of these industries because of the vegan animal rights movement. Hard to believe isn’t it? Even more difficult to believe is that HSUS has turned children into lobbyist with their Kind book to grade schools and give instructions to children to call “their representative”! They have been doing this for almost a generation which gives new meaning to “One generation and out” statement….meaning in one generation enough propaganda has been spred to change the thinking. We have to stop and think the animal rights movement is a philosophical movement and has no science behind their “being”. When I see in testimony before Congress and in the HSUS bibliography someone with an English Lit. degree that they can write on the subject of animals. When I think of Peter Singer a member of the Oxford Group think tank where they came up with the “animal rights” theory by a group of philosophers (no science involved), think that killing a low functioning child under the age of 2 is OK. Just wondering where are the human rights in the vegan animal rights social movement. It seems that humans have taken a second place to the well being of animals. Seems they have none if they like to eat meat or eggs, or enjoy a circus or are involved in 4 H or rodeos or they believe that lifesaving research is the answer to well people and well animals in many cases. In raising animals there is a pride in the product one raises in 99 percent of the cases, just as HSUS probably feels pride when they sue USDA or Fisheries and Wildlife and ask for payment for their attorneys to the tune of 2 or 300,000 dollars which means you pay everytime they ask for payment when suing a government agency. I have yet to see any chairty grade government officials, give recognition and donations to campaigns for election or against re election, grade the president. Let’s not mention Sarah Conant X HSUS worker who now works for USDA because we now know that there are many past HSUS workers working in jobs of controlling animal populations and are of the utalitarian thought. I just remember Wayne Pacelle started out while in college and after as a hunt saboteur and was arrested multiple times in different states for disrupting hunters. Where did he get the money while in college to travel all over the USA? Just to think that Wayne Pacelle holds the use PZP animal sterializer and stands to make 500 dollars for each dose given thought the Bureau of Land Management was against it being held only by HSUS which leads to affiliation with ALF workers now working for the HSUS could do with one dose on a farm. I trust the Bureau of Land Management more than HSUS. Do you?

  • It’s well past the time when they should be considered ‘fringe’. They have taken control of the legislative process and the legal system. They have infiltrated the AVMA and AKC. And they have indoctrinated more than one generation of children; their materials have been in the grade schools for well over thirty years.

    The general public – the vast majority of which are animal lovers who own pets – believes everything they say, and are their own worst enemies. Over 95% of the public eats eggs and dairy, if not meat – but they believe that all farmers and pet breeders (not to mention researchers) are ‘animal abusers’.

    HSUS has just acquired police powers to enforce animal law in Oregon – *all* animal owners in that state should be shaking in their boots, but even the farmers seem oblivious to the targets painted on their backs. Not that the farmers voted it in; as in MO, it was the urban population that bought into the AR rhetoric.

    Somehow we have to get through to those naive urban dwellers that AR means animal ownership = animal abuse, and that *nothing* HSUS has ever done has ever been good for any animals, anywhere, not pets nor livestock, nor any other animals.

    I hope that *all* these organizations which support animal use and ownership will be working together to educate the public and expose the ARAs for what they are, because we are fast running out of time. We re losing bloodlines and seeing the genepools shrink in our stock, and we can’t afford much more of it if we are to be able to recover from the damage which has already been done. We already have over thirty years worth of B.A.D. animal law to live with – and some of those laws are crippling, even when not zealously enforced.

    The sooner the public recognizes the AR witchhunt for what it is, the sooner sanity will return, so I hope we can all pull together on this. It’s what we need to do to survive.

  • These people in these animal rights groups are dangerous. Hitler wanted to purify the world. Thank God he was stopped. Gee, I wonder where these folks got their LEATHER shoes, belts, wallets, purses, etc. etc. What do they eat? Do they drink MILK? Eat EGG products? Fish have blood, internal organs, muscle, MEAT, so are they PLANTS? Is there a hypocritic tone here? Who knows. Maybe they graze at lunch or dinner.

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