Ohio Farm Bureau delivers comments to Congress

Not only did Ohio Farm Bureau county presidents talk policy issues while in Washington, D.C., they also made a delivery to the Congressional delegation.

Before coming to Washington the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation (OFBF) asked their members to submit comments on the proposed changes to the child labor law, when the county president’s met this week with members of Congress, they left behind a special booklet those comments.

“And in that booklet are literally hundreds of examples from our Farm Bureau members all over the state that talks about how this rule will impact their farms and how this rule will prevent their kids from having the experience of being able to grow up on a farm and be able to work on that farm in a productive manner,” said Adam Sharp, OFBF V.P. of Public Policy.

Sharp says the county president’s will also ask their members of Congress to sign a letter that Congress Bob Latta is drafting.

“And that letter will be a cover letter over the top of this booklet, and we’re going to be asking each of the members of the Ohio Congressional delegation to sign on to that group letter, that will be sent over to the Department of Labor saying you’ve got to stop this rule, you’ve got to push this rule back.”

Audio: Adam Sharp, Ohio Farm Bureau, V.P. Public_Policy (5:40 MP3)

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