Tropicana Pure Premium switching to all Florida oranges

PepsiCo says it is going to use only Florida oranges in its Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice. The company says the move is in response to consumers wanting to know where their food comes from and was in the works months before traces of carbendazim were found in orange juice from Brazil. PepsiCo and Coca-Cola both reported finding traces of the fungicide which is banned in the United States. In response to the reports, FDA has stepped-up inspection of imported orange juice and will detain any contaminated product.

The change affects only Tropicana Pure Premium; PepsiCo says it will continue to use a blend of U.S. and Brazilian orange juice in other Tropicana varieties.

Food is reporting that Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia are also tightening-up restrictions and closely monitoring imports for the fungicide.

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Albert Nickerson

Is Tropicana still using only Florida oranges (as of 7-9-2012? Al

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