DuPont to launch Aproach fungicide

DuPont is featuring its new Aproach fungicide that it expects will be registered for use in early 2012. Todd Robran, DuPont Crop Protection Project Manager says they’re excited about the launch of this unique product. Robran says Aproach has not only preventative qualities as a fungicide, it also has curative properties. AUDIO: Todd Robran (3:00… Read more »

House committee passes farm dust bill

The House Committee on Energy and Commerce passed the Farm Dust Regulation Prevention Act of 2011 on Wednesday. H.R. 1633 would exempt farm dust from the Clean Air Act unless the Environmental Protection Agency administrator can prove it is a significant problem and that applying the standard is worth the costs. It also gives states… Read more »

Canadian Wheat Board one step closer to the end

The demise of the Canadian Wheat Board is one-step closer to reality. On a 153 to 120 vote, the House of Commons passed a bill this week to increase marketing choices for wheat and barley growers in Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan and a small part of British Columbia. The bill is expected to pass the Canadian… Read more »

A little more profitable on the farm in November

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The Preliminary Index of Prices Received by Farmers in November was up 0.5 percent from October. Farmers received higher prices for corn, cattle, broilers and lettuce; lower prices for hogs, hay, soybeans and apples. The Index shows prices received by farmers are 20 percent above November of last year. The Crop Index increased 2.5 percent… Read more »

Senator against resumption of horse slaughter

The reversal of the horse slaughter ban in the United States in mid-November has a lot of people talking as the industry gears up to reopen. U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri, who voted for the end of horse processing five years ago, says she would vote that way again. “I don’t support the slaughtering… Read more »

Soybeans, corn up modestly

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Soybeans were higher on light technical and fund buying, along with spillover from the outside markets. The dollar was sharply lower with the Dow, gold, and crude oil higher. Past that – there was no fresh news, pulling contracts down from the highs, but there is talk of new export demand from China. Soybean meal… Read more »

DuPont featuring its new Basis Blend herbicide

Whether it’s weeds in Ohio, Nebraska, Illinois or Missouri, DuPont Crop Protection Corn & Soybean portfolio manager Jeff Carpenter says DuPont has you covered. DuPont is featuring its new Basis Blend herbicide to control winter weeds.  Carpenter says seed companies are pushing for earlier planting so growers can use it for a cleaner, warmer, drier… Read more »

Nebraska biodiesel plant is sold

A Kansas-based company has purchased the Beatrice Biodiesel plant in southeast Nebraska for five million dollars. According to a story on the Beatrice Daily Sun web site, Flint Hill Resources LLC submitted the only bid at a bankruptcy auction Tuesday in Lincoln.  Flint Hills is a subsidiary of Koch Industries. Flint Hills has ethanol plants… Read more »

Seed detasselers voice concerns with child labor law proposals

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Seed detasseling companies are expressing concern over changes to the child labor laws that have been proposed by the U.S. Department of Labor.    They say that proposal could prevent youngsters who are under the age of 16 from detasseling.  It’s estimated that over 50 percent of seed detasslers nationwide are in the 13-15 age group… Read more »

A wide separation between cattle asking prices and bids

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Cattle country remained in low gear with a wide spread existing between preliminary bids of 121.00 to 123.00 live and asking prices of 127.00 plus. Feedlot operators are asking for 203.00 to 205.00 dressed, but packers are only willing to bid 200.00 to 202.00. Significant trade volume could be delayed until Friday.  Cattle slaughter was… Read more »