Pesticide permits on their way

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The EPA regulation that will require applicators to obtain a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit in order to apply pesticides on or near water went into effect Monday.   Earlier this summer the US House voted to eliminate the regulation.  The Senate leadership did not call for an up or down vote.  Because there was no Congressional… Read more »

Indiana harvest continues to press on

While rain kept many farmers in northern and southern Indiana out of the fields last week, harvest continued to advance across most of central Indiana.  According to the latest report released by USDA 57 percent of the corn crop has been harvested compared to 98 percent a year ago.  Statewide – approximately 51 percent of… Read more »

Dairy profitability slipped in October

Dairy profitability fell for the third month in a row, the monthly Index of Farm Prices puts the October all milk price at $19.90 while the cost of feed to produce 100 pounds of milk was $11.12 putting income-over-feed-cost at $8.78 per hundredweight. That is down 85 cents from September and 31 cents below the… Read more »

Farm prices a little more profitable in October

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The preliminary Index of Prices Received by Farmers in October increased 3.4 percent from September. National Ag Statistics Service says crop prices increased 1.5 percent while livestock prices were 0.7 percent higher for the month. Farmers received higher prices for oilseeds, cattle, calves, hogs, milk, turkeys and eggs. Prices were lower for broilers, feed grains,… Read more »

Legal wrangling over the Canadian Wheat Board

A legal battle in Canada over the future of the Canadian Wheat Board. Since 1942 the CWB has handled the marketing of all wheat and barley grown in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and parts of British Colombia. Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party plans to have a new, free-market system in place in Canada by next… Read more »

Harvest weather continues in Wisconsin

Temperatures just slightly below normal and very light precipitation allowed the combines to roll in Wisconsin last week. The weekly Crop Progress Report from the National Ag Statistics Service puts the corn-for-grain harvest at 55 percent complete, ten points ahead of the five year average. It could easily be more than that however farmers are… Read more »

AgriGold – The Corn Specialist

For Phil McCutchan, Marketing Manager for AgriGold, the three days at the Farm Progress Show provides the opportunity to talk with customers about everything from the weather to what’s happening in the seed industry. McCutchan tells Brownfields’ Dave Russell that AgriGold places an emphasis on genetic diversity, making sure the grower is doing what’s necessary… Read more »

Illinois market and community garden honored

All those involved with the Illinois Products Farmers’ Market and the State Fairgrounds Community garden are being honored Tuesday night. Acting Illinois Ag Director Jim Larkin says both projects have become “huge successes for the department and for the community.” More than 160 plots were planted by more than 100 gardeners who contributed part of… Read more »

Nebraska wraps up distillers research initiative

A three-year distillers grains research initiative conducted by the University of Nebraska—and funded by the Nebraska Corn Board—has officially wrapped up. According to Kelly Brunkhorst of the Corn Board, the initiative resulted in a number of important breakthroughs when it comes to feeding distillers grains—a co-product of the ethanol process—to cattle. “We now have a… Read more »

Trick or Treat?

Evan McKinney, son of Brownfield Promotions Coordinator Kari and  husband Chris, was dressed as a monkey for Halloween when he and his dad visited Brownfield’s Jefferson City, Missouri studios today.