Green Plains has strong third quarter

Omaha-based Green Plains Renewable Energy , the nation’s fourth largest ethanol producer, reports strong third quarter results. Green Plains’ revenues were 957 million dollars in the quarter that ended September 30th, up 93 percent from the same period in 2010.  And net income was 12.4 million dollars, compared to 7.4 million for third quarter 2010…. Read more »

Concerns for corn mold

Although 2011 presented many challenges this year, Purdue University plant pathologist Charles Woloshuk says wide-spread corn mold is not one of them.  Woloshuk says even though growers battled unfavorable weather conditions throughout the growing season ear rot isn’t a wide-spread problem this year and this year’s weather was extreme enough to alarm a lot of producers to be… Read more »

Having the conversation about agriculture

The list of challenges ahead of the agriculture industry is one that is growing.  From climate change, to carbon footprints and the task of feeding a growing population with less has left a lot of people trying to find a solution.  Jim Moseley, former Deputy Secretary of the USDA and co-chair of Agree says because… Read more »

USDA focused on Farm Bill must-haves

The head of the USDA Farm and Foreign Agricultural Service tells Brownfield the USDA’s stance on the next farm bill is something they want farmers and ranchers to be assured of.  Acting Under Secretary Michael Scuse says the three farm bill principles laid out earlier this week by US Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack are: maintaining… Read more »

Some New Zealand dairy plants back on-line

Dairy producers on New Zealand’s north island are still dumping some milk. Gas supplies to the island were cut off when a leak was discovered in the main pipeline supplying the island on Monday night. Commercial users including 15 Fonterra dairy plants were shut down due to the lack of gas. An estimated 35 million… Read more »

White-Nose Syndrome cause identified

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison say they have found the cause of White-Nose Syndrome in bats. It is estimated the fungus has killed over two million hibernating bats in more than 15 states and 2 Canadian provinces. Most susceptible has been the little brown bat however at least five other hibernating species have been… Read more »

Interest rate cut on large bank ag loans

The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City says larger banks (with portfolios of more than $25 Million) cut interest rates on non-real-estate loans in the third quarter, boosting farm lending. According to the Fed’s Agricultural Finance Data, national farm lending was flat and while small and medium-sized banks extended variable rates on less than half… Read more »

Outside markets fuel grain and oilseed gains

Futures Markets copy

Soybeans were higher on fund and technical buying, along with spillover from the outside markets. The dollar was lower while the Dow and crude oil are up sharply after the European Union reached a debt deal. Past that – there was no real fresh news and while export shipments were good, weekly sales were lower… Read more »

Challenges to ag ahead

The challenges and realities of food choices is the focus of the 2011 Food Summit that kicked off in Chicago Tuesday.  The goal of the summit is to take an in-depth look at the key issues surrounding consumer food choices.  Dr. Jason Clay, Senior Vice-Preside of Market Transformations with the World Wildlife Fund kicked off… Read more »

Food price inflation could top five percent

Grocery store prices could top last year by as much as five percent, according to Ricky Volpe, a food price economist at the USDA. “We are seeing a sharp increase in food prices,” said Volpe, in an interview provided by the USDA. Until recently, Volpe projected a 3.5 percent to 4.5 percent jump. Specifically, Volpe… Read more »