A year of service comes to a close

Riley Pagett has spent the last year dedicated to the National FFA Organization.  As the end of the convention drew closer, Pagett sat down with Brownfield to talk about the past year, this year’s convention and how he feels re-entering day-to-day college activities.  He also offered some sound advice for the 2011-2012 National FFA Organization president, Ryan Best. … Read more »

Mark Famuliner, Nat’l Proficiency Winner, Missouri

Mark Famuliner of the Carrolton FFA Chapter comes from a 100 year legacy of crop production.  He began his SAE with just 23 acres of corn and 57 acres of beans that he share-cropped for his grandmother.   Famuliner eventually added wheat into his crop rotation. He says he hopes to continue farming in the future. AUDIO: Mark… Read more »

Trenton Bemis, Nat’l Proficiency Winner, Wisconsin

Trenton Bemis is the fourth generation of his family involved in cranberry production.  Bemis works at one of five facilities in the state of Wisconsin that packages fresh cranberries.  He has been instrumental in convincing his employer the need for expansion in the marsh and to upgrade to more efficient equipment.  AUDIO: Trenton Bemis, Wisconsin… Read more »

Alexis Raybon, Nat’l Proficiency Winner, Illinois

 Through work with the University of Illinois Alexis Raybon developed an interested in nutrition labeling and food techniques.  She says she became motivated to explore the benefits of soy to a diabetic diet and new ways to encapsulate flavor.  AUDIO: Alexis Raybon, Illinois (3:26mp3)

Brad Laack, Nat’l Proficiency Winner, Dairy Production

While working at two local dairies, Brad Laack of Wisconsin uses the experience gained with hopes of one day building his own dairy to operate.  In the mean time, Laack spends time at one dairy as a night herdsman and at another as a weekend milker.  Some of his responsibilities on the either farm include artificial insemination, health care,… Read more »

Anders Olson, Nat’l Proficiency Winner, Ag Sales

For almost 50 years, the Olson family of Nebraska has owned and operated a farm machinery auction house.  Every year the auction house holds two consignment auctions and several estate auctions.  Over his years of involvement, Olson has added his own touch to things.  In addition to writing sales bills and clerking sales, he has… Read more »

Austin Potthast, Nat’l Proficiency Winner, Ag Mech

Austin Potthast, a member of the Greenville FFA Chapter in Illinois joined the Farm Heritage Museum at a young age and that sparked his interest in tractor restoration.  After spending time with the museum president, learning about the restoration process and gaining invaluable knowledge and experience Potthast began restoring tractors on his own.  He now is… Read more »