Gathering ideas for transitioning the farm

Transitioning ownership of a farm was the topic of some educational seminars from QLF at World Dairy Expo. One of the presenters was Larry Simon of Westphalia, Michigan. He and his brother have a 670-cow dairy operation and are in the process of adding another 120 to 140 cows as well as bringing Larry’s son,… Read more »

ADM working with the Keenan Mixer system

Don Jaquette is a Dairy Nutritionist and Dairy Team Leader with ADM. For the past two years he has been working with the Keenan Mixer Company. The Keenan System involves not only the mixer but a combination of management tools which are designed to improve feed conversion efficiency. AUDIO: Jaquette talks about the nutritional system

Got livestock? Got flies.

Anytime you deal with livestock, you have flies and Tracy Harris with Central Life Sciences says there is no substitute for a good fly control program. He stresses a total program starting with keeping things clean and dry around the farm. Then you determine the type(s) of flies you have, where they are coming from… Read more »