No field work in Ohio either

Following another week of wet weather, the Ohio field office of the National Ag Statistics Service (NASS) reports that as of Sunday, April 24 corn planting was 1 percent complete, 38 percent behind last year and 13 percent behind the 5-year average.

28 percent of the winter wheat is jointed, 77 percent of the Ohio wheat crop is in fair to good condition.

15 percent of the oats were planted, 4 percent of the crop has emerged.

87 percent of hay acreage is in fair to good condition, a one percent drop from last week.

85 percent of the Ohio apple and peach crop were in fair to good condition, down slightly from a week ago.

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Bud Reed Reed Orchards, Ohio

With reguard to the 2011 peach crop in ohio we had a good peach bloom followed by very hectic winds and gale rains. Peach blossoms blown all over orchards. Now 3 weeks later only 1 out of 3 trees have any peaches. Havent figured out yet if the bearing peaches are early middle or late peaches. It was not a great fruit set in Harrison County, Ohio probably due to extreme wicked weather. To my amazement some apple trees set fruit somewhat better. Already looking forward to next season.

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