Missouri Corn Growers honor Governor Nixon

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon had encouraging words for the state’s corn growers Wednesday. After the Missouri Corn Growers Association presented their Public Servant Award to the governor, Nixon told them they’re successful because they’re willing to change and to lead.

“Exports [are] up, ethanol production [is] up keeping us energy independent; all of that has required the mixing of science, technology and hard work and the corn growers are leading the way,” said Governor Nixon to reporters, following the presentation of the award in Jefferson City, Mo.

Corn growers also took their story to the Missouri State Capitol where CEO Gary Marshall says they reminded lawmakers that there is plenty of corn in Missouri for food, feed and fuel, as well as to export almost 30 percent of the corn crop out of state.

“I think that’s very well received and [lawmakers] also understand that right now agriculture is the economic engine that’s driving this state,” Marshall told Brownfield, after members of the Association had completed visits to Missouri legislators.

The Association concluded the day with their annual business meeting.

AUDIO: Gary Marshall (5 min. MP3)

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