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Pacelle going after Missouri Farm Bureau

A week after the narrow passage of the HSUS-backed dog breeding measure in Missouri, Proposition B, President Wayne Pacelle of the Humane Society of the U.S. published an “open letter” on his blog criticizing the Missouri Farm Bureau’s campaign against the measure.

“This agreement should not provide a liscense for gross misrepresentations of fact. And that’s exactly what the Missouri Farm Bureau was responsible for during this campaign.”

Pacelle complained to Brownfield last week that the Missouri Farm Bureau falsely claimed that existing state regulations on dog breeding are sufficient, that the HSUS wants to eliminate pet ownership, and, that HSUS wants to end animal agriculture. 

Missouri Farm Bureau Public Affairs Director Estill Fretwell calls Pacelle’s complaints a publicity stunt.

“If you look at their agenda this is simply the first step of HSUS and Mr. Pacelle to try to regulate animal agriculture in the state. It’s his spin on what he wants to try to put out, but again this is just a tactic on his part to get publicity.”

Most troubling, says Pacelle, are the claims from agriculture groups that HSUS spends less than one-percent of its funds on pet care.

“If these are honorable people at the Missouri Farm Bureau they will cease and desist making false statements. HSUS is the largest animal care provider in the United States. No other group cares for more animals than HSUS.”

Fretwell says it’s a well known tactic of Pacelle to demonize ag groups.  He says Missouri Farm Bureau stands up for and defends legitimate farmers and dog breeders who treat their animals humanely.

“Mr. Pacelle – and HSUS – has an agenda as we have seen in other states to go far beyond that and try to regulate animal agriculture in a way we have problems with.”

Fretwell says the Missouri Farm Bureau hopes lawmakers take a look at what changes can be made to Proposition B to protect the state’s legitimate dog breeders from going out of business under the measure’s strict requirements.

AUDIO: Wayne Pacelle (16 min. MP3)

AUDIO: Estil Fretwell (6 min. MP3)

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kabob — you are WRONG. Missouri is a 501(c)(5) organization, which means they are a non-profit. The key distinction between a 501(c)(5) and the better known 501(c)(3) status is that donations to 501(c)(5) organizations are NOT tax deductible to the donor. Still, Missouri Farm Bureau enjoys federal and state income tax exempt status (do realize that if they get involved in for-profit activities, such as selling insurance, they have to pay income tax on that portion of the organization’s activities).


Shelly, the problem with your logic in decrying markj’s dissappointment with HSUS entering the political field, and your statement about MO farm bureau, is simply put that Farm Bureau has never claimed to be a non-profit, tax exempt organization. therefore they have to legal right to enter the political discussion, including lobbying. On the other hand, the HSUS claims to be non-profit, and as part of the non-profit status, they are legally restrained from excessive lobbying, and political manipulation in regard to legsislation. The last figures I found state that approximately 4.8 million was spent in the pro prop b campaign. . . sounds like excessive lobbying in the public venue to me.


“HSUS is the largest animal care provider in the United States. No other group cares for more animals than HSUS.”

That is a pretty large claim Mr. Pacelle. In order for anyone to give that claim any shred of credibility, please provide the numbers of animals at each facility the HSUS owns and operates. Thank you


Markj states how dare the Humane Society of the US or other organization interfere with legislation, while applauding an organization such as the Missouri Farm Bureau for doing so.

In other words, he only wants organizations that he approves us getting involved in legislation.

And amidst the plethora of statements, no facts. Nothing that can be substantiated, or verified. This is typical of the Proposition B opponents–a lot innuendo and gross exaggeration.

And then there his statement to make filming of an animal organization a terrorist act? Seriously? Do you want to equate filming a dog breeder with killing 3,000 people with planes in New York?

Most of the people of this state recognized the absurdity of so many of the claims and voted for Proposition B. I certainly wouldn’t want to be a state representative working to not only a) subvert the will of the people but b) advocate for continued cruelty to dogs. If any do, I sure hope they can withstand the public scrutiny.


Whiney Wayne is such a LIAR, his intent is to do away with all pets and all animal agriculture and it never ceases to amaze me how completely hoodwinked are sheeple that follow him blindly.

DJ Johnston

Markj pretty much says it all.

One other thing though….

Wayne’s words from the article – “HSUS is the largest animal care provider in the United States. No other group cares for more animals than HSUS.”

just where are all these animals Wayne says that the HSUS cares for? Who’s freezers are they in, PETA’S??????

Mary N

MarkJ said it so well, that there is little to add, except that the fact that HSUS is all about power/control and MONEY! They campaign for this and that and collect huge amounts of donations, very little of which actually goes to the purpose for which people donated their money. Local animal humane societies and shelters do not receive funding from HSUS. (Please donate to your local facilities!) Katrina donations totaled $34 million, $7 million of which actually went to the Katrina disaster for animals. After being investigated by the Louisiana attorney general, it appears a deal was struck, and they spent another I believe $7 million to build a shelter. Where is the rest of the money? In the pockets and pension plans of the HSUS executives, and in the costs for lobbying away OUR abilities and rights to own and use animals. Look into their history, look up the quotes. Their agenda is clear and stated. And they are moving forward with it using the emotions of people instead of rationality. The Missouri Proposition B shows that the yes votes that passed it came from urbanites who have NO CLUE about animal husbandry and best practices. They think we are living in a Disney movies. HSUS needs to be stopped, and soon. Please do not donate to the HSUS. is a fact-filled web-site that tells the story. HSUS has not been able to shut them down because they know everything can be backed up with proof and fact. You KNOW that if they could have, they would have had it shut down.


Its time for the public to rethink this animal rights movement as it is becoming clear that many breeds of dogs will soon become extinct. In the north eastern states the shelters and rescue groups are importing diseased feral dogs with rabies from India, Puerto Rico and Mexico. Puerto Rico has a very high rabies count and in fact you are asked not to touch any dog when traveling there. These radical animal rights groups believe it is alright to lie to the public to get to their goal which is to eliminate animal ownership and all use of animals. The Daily show did a so call parody where they lied about the conditions under which responsible licensed dog breeders in Missouri kept their dogs. What Jon Daily didn’t know as the Daily show has been spoon fed the HSUS and PeTA lies about all breeders is that Prop B actually lowered the standard of care as these people do not care at all about animal welfare. In fact the only thing they wanted past was to limit how many dogs one could own. There was no attempt to recognize that Prop B lowered the standard of care for all dogs. It lowered feeding from 2X a day to once a day. It eliminated the requirement to provide sanitized water 24/7 and it called for temperature ranges in kennels that would ensure that newborn puppies would die. It called for unfettered access to the outside no matter the age of the dog or the weather conditions. Imagine that the government said you must keep all your doors open in all weather so your children no matter how old they are can go outside anytime they want. And at the same time you are suppose to keep your house temperature between 45 and 85 degrees which is an impossibility. Then on top of that you are suppose to keep your air filtered so that no pollution can enter your house. This is the insanity of Prop B that the Daily show ignored. I find there is a total lack of care about the reality all animals face from the animal rights movement as we watch horses starve, herds being killed off by the over growth of wolves, bears killing our children and cougars eating runners in their own neighborhoods. In the South and Western states 3.5 million 500 to 1000 pound feral pigs are destroying crop land and attacking people, but the animal rights people won’t let them be killed or stopped from invading homes and attacking people. Truly common sense has left these people who put animals before people. In reality they put their goal of a vegan state before the animals who they want to leave in the wild to die from starvation. These people need to be stopped as they are a clear and present danger to the safety of our country. Remember that all cults start by removing meat from the diet of their members because without VB12 the brain becomes irrational and overly emotional in its response. This makes these people easily led. This is a cult movement as evidenced by their own responses to anyone who states the opposite. When one of their own members discovered her health going downhill on the vegan diet she was pepper sprayed when she tried to present this viewpoint at one of their conferences. Before you advocate a vegan diet you had better read up on the consequences to young women that go beyond eating disorders. The darkside includes death, damage to internal organs and the bones when putting children on this diet. For boys the soy is a real problem and its the only vegetable that comes close to the complex proteins found in cows milk. Where this concept for animal rights comes from is Hitler who used it against his opposition. Singer the leader of the animal rights movement has espoused this line of thinking not because he cares about animals or humans, but just to see how far a strange idea can be carried out in society. His last article in the New York Times called on all of our young people to neuter themselves and then party down until the last human being dies out. The main identifier of a cult is that it requires you to remove meat from your diet on the pretext that it is cleansing. However the real purpose of the cult in having you stop eating meat is because meat rebuilds the body and the brain through a balance of complex proteins and essential nutrients in combination with VB12. When you are out of balance and low in VB12 your thinking becomes irrational and your behavior responses are overly emotional. 
Here are some recent examples of the consequences of eating a vegan diet on children and young adults:
In a heartbreaking case of parental neglect, a 12-year-old girl in
Scotland has been admitted to a hospital after a life-long vegan diet
left her with the spine of an 80-year-old. Raised on meat- and dairy-
free meals since birth, the young child is said to have developed a
severe case of rickets (a degenerative bone condition) and numerous
bone fractures as a result of her nutritional deficiencies. Sadly,
this is not the first time a child has suffered a vegan-related
health calamity.
In a similar case five years ago, a 15-month-old child was taken into 
foster care after a strict vegan diet left her with internal 
injuries, broken bones, missing teeth, and rickets. And since then,
at least two vegan children have died from similar complications. In
 one Florida case, a 5-month-old girl was still at newborn weight when 
she died from malnutrition. Her siblings were severely malnourished,
 and at least two had developed rickets.
These grievous examples show how important it is to exercise caution 
when promoting vegetarian and vegan diets —especially for children. A
 New York Times columnist explained after a 6-week-old Atlanta vegan
died last year: A vegan diet may lack vitamin B12, found only in animal foods; usable 
vitamins A and D, found in meat, fish, eggs and butter; and necessary 
minerals like calcium and zinc. When babies are deprived of all these 
nutrients, they will suffer from retarded growth, rickets and nerve
As animal activists tout the supposed superiority of meatless eating,
 it’s important to note that a vegan diet can be down right dangerous 
unless it’s undertaken with extreme caution. Not all people can digest
 protein from plant material and especially children. Extra steps like vitamin
 supplements and careful planning are particularly crucial for kids, 
since their bodies are not fully developed. Yet vegan activists at 
PETA and the woefully misnamed Physicians Committee for Responsible 
Medicine (PCRM) continue to push vegan diets on children.
Some 12 million infants and young children die each year in
 developing countries from complications of marasmus (protein- deficiency) and kwashiorkor (severe protein deficiency). Diarrhea,
 dehydration, and infection are generally the immediate causes of
 death in malnourished children. Kwashiorkor manifests clinically with 
stunted growth, mental apathy, edema, a desquamating patchy rash, and
pigment changes in the hair and skin. Children with marasmus 
typically retain mental alertness and do not have edema or rash.
Autopsies of children dying of kwashiorkor and marasmus show 
pancreatic atrophy or fibrosis and fatty changes or fibrosis in
 the liver. We are now finding these problems in American children of strict vegan parents.
Malnutrition is one of the many risks when raising infants on a vegan
 diet. Medical reports show that newborns should mainly be raised on 
their mother’s breast milk, excluding soy milk.
The digestion of soy milk during pregnancy has become a growing 
A new study of babies born to vegetarian mothers showed that baby 
boys had a five-fold risk of hypospadias, a birth defect of the
 sexual organs. According to research stated by Jane Phillimore in the
 “Guardian Unlimited,” “The researchers suggest this was due to 
greater exposure to phytoestrogen rich-foods, especially soy.
 Inappropriate hormone levels such as that caused by a high intake of
 soy during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy can also cause damage to 
the fetus’s developing brain.”
Research has shown that soy-formula contains approximately the same
 amount of estrogen found in five birth control pills. Imagine the 
effect this has on children, not to mention baby boys. “These babies’ 
isoflavone levels were found to be from 13,000 to 22,000 times higher
than in non-soy fed infants,” according to Not only
 would males be digesting surplus amounts of estrogen in their soy 
diet, but the estrogen has also been shown to actually stifle their 
testosterone levels.
Soybean production is also killing off the Brazilian rainforest faster than any other operation due to need for infrastructure and high processing plants. This soy is traveling the world for the increase demand for vegan diets not for animal feed. The only sustainable protein development comes from animals who turn grasses into high quality protein for human beings. A far better proposition than turning rain forests into crop land for one year to turn out soybeans for vegans which require high chemical top dressing as this plant depletes the soil rapidly.


If you are wondering about the HSUS agenda read the basis for their movement. In 1975 Peter Singer wrote the book Animal Liberation. Their goal is to eliminate all animal agriculture. They know that an all out attack will not work so they work through deception and by demonizing animal agriculture by using graphic portrayals of animal abuse. These are exceptions to the rule but they would have the public believe that they are the rule. Please help educate your friends,neighbors and the general public.


Mr. Pacelle and his organization and I may add other vegan animal rights activist are part of the modern vegan animal rights social movement and believe in abolition of all animals for human use. Please ask him why members of this movement become vegan- and hold on to your hat for that answer. Listen closely while he tries to explain that being good to animals leads to being good to other humans. Utopian societies have been tried throughout history and failed. It appears that he wishes to live in a utopia where people do not own or use animals but see them from afar one with nature. It is clear in his followers blogs they don’t care much for people. He worked to end bear hunting in N.J. and today we have had bear-human encounters in ever country. Instrumental in ending horse slaughter which led to many horses dieing a terrible death. Now they are trying to rebuild. Many states are now reversing many of the laws that Mr. Pacelle lobbied for. When have you known any chairty posing as a animal rights social movement to have the power to direct or have a voice in wildlife issues or agriculture issues or in training animal control into their way of thinking and taking animals. Animals should never be removed until there is a second opinion or they are in eminent danger, long toenails and a few fleas is not eminent danger. Wayne Pacelle does not like hearing no, or even no thank you and uses force and threats to bulldoze their way in to get “their way”. Did it in Ohio. Missourians may need to revisit the animal terriorism act for clearer meanings and revisions as to what animal terriorism is, as it will certainly not be long before many of the dog and cat breeds will need protection from becomming extinct at the hands of Wayne Pacelle. We don’t want it to be our cattle, or breeds of horses at the hands of HSUS. They are really not the cuddly bunny huggers the public or our government officials think they are, they are a well oiled machine bent on the abolition of animals and taking people’s money to forward the vegan animal rights agenda, it has nothing to do with treating animals well, it is simply the abolition of animals from humans. At present they seem to have quite a few law suits to handle including a RICO suit, or rackateering as it is better known. I am always amazed when I hear Michael Greger of HSUS speak on H1N1 or BSE disease or avian flu, and it will make one hide in the closet, regarding the doom and gloom predicted. The last question is how much money has he cost the American towns people, and honest business throughout the USA? The lawsuits brought by HSUS. In the beef industry alone billions. Remember they are not a government entity! Put up cameras in facilities and make it against the law for HSUS or PETA workers to film anything under the animal terriorism act as no one can say if they are set up, edited etc. How many laws can we have regarding protection of animals. It seems we are heading back in time when Hitler in 1933 made his animal rights laws – it targeted a certain group of people and sent them to concentration camps for religious slaughter. Is the same now happening in the USA? Remember the vegan animal rights social movement is very different than animal welfare. No one I know agrees with true animal abuse or illegal, non inspected kennels, but the agenda of HSUS goes much further in intent.

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