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Indiana State Fair Grand Champions

The Indiana State Fair held the Grand Champion Drive Monday night, August 9, in the air conditioned comfort of the Pepsi Coliseum and for six 4-H members it will be a night they won’t soon forget. Interviewing the exhibitors of the Grand Champions you hear words like, awesome, shocked, and unbelievable, to describe the feeling when the judge walks up and shakes your hand. Those who experienced it last night included;

Carson Henderson of Tipton County, the 11 year old, 2 year 4-H member exhibited the Grand Champion 4-H Gilt. Carson enjoys showing pigs and had no idea his gilt would be named the Grand Champion at the Indiana State Fair.

AUDIO: Carson Henderson, Gr. Ch. 4-H Gilt (1:20 MP3)

The Reserve Grand Champion 4-H Gilt was exhibited by Tara Stoffel of Huntington County.

Courtney Maxwell of Porter County was all smiles when her crossbred steer was selected the 2010 Indiana State Fair Grand Champion. Courtney says she knew she had a pretty good steer just by the reaction of others when they walked by, but she had no idea she would have the Grand Champion.

AUDIO: Courtney Maxwell, Gr. Ch. 4-H Steer (2:30 MP3)

Reserve Grand Champion Steer honors went to Jacob Moore of Delaware County.

The Grand Champion Market Lamb was the champion Suffolk, exhibited by Jordan Parker of Noble County. In the top in 2009, Jacob says it feels a lot better being number 1.

AUDIO: Jordan Parker, _Gr. Ch. 4-H Market Lamb (1:50 MP3)

The Reserve Grand Champion Market Lamb was exhibited by John Martin of Clark County.

Also from Noble County, Samantha Brooke exhibited the Grand Champion 4-H Heifer. The 7th year 4-H member was shocked and amazed when the judge walked up and shook her hand. In Samantha’s mind, she had the perfect heifer.

AUDIO: Samantha Brooke, Gr. Ch. 4-H Heifer (1:20 MP3)

9 year 4-H member Matt Gaughan of Johnson County had his crossbred barrow named Grand Champion. Matt said it was quite an honor to win both the Johnson County 4-H Fair barrow show and having the best pig in Indiana.

AUDIO: Matt Gaughan, Gr. Ch. 4-H Barrow (1:15 MP3)

The Reserve Grand Champion 4-H Barrow honors went to Rebecca Oliver of Allen County.

And Katie Barnett, showing meat goats for the first time in her 8 years in 4-H had her heavy weight selected as the Grand Champion 4-H Meat Goat at the 2010 Indiana State Fair. Katie believes she’s a role model for younger 4-H members, especially in the show ring. Wait till you hear about her Grand Champion Goat, Weezie.

AUDIO: Katie Barnett, Gr. Ch. Meat Goat (4:00 MP3)

The Reserve Grand Champion Meat Goat was shown by Megan Brooks of Clark County.

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Jordan Parker

When i told all of my friend i wwon state fair they didint beleive me until i showed them this website when we were in the computer lab… thanks… hard work defently pays off!!!

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