Senate Ag Committee schedules farm bill hearings

Senate Ag Committee chair Blanche Lincoln says her committee will start hearings on the next farm bill at the end of this month. The first hearing will be in Washington and deal with maintaining a strong U.S. farm policy. Lincoln says she plans to hold multiple hearings over the next few months focusing on various issues covering the scope of American agriculture.

Dates and locations will be announced in the following weeks.

 Hearing 1: Maintaining Our Domestic Food Supply through a Strong U.S. Farm Policy

Hearing 2: Revitalizing the Rural Economy through Robust Rural Development

Hearing 3: Promoting Conservation Practices that Preserve Our Natural Resources and Wildlife    Habitat for Future Generations

Hearing 4: Ensuring Agriculture is Part of Our Nation’s Energy Future

The House Agriculture Committee has already held several farm bill hearings around the country.

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